About Firoz Patel

Firoz PatelFiroz Patel has been interested in technology his entire life. Even in elementary school, Firoz was amazed by the internal operations of computers. Today, he is the Executive Vice President of Payza – an online finance payment platform used worldwide, where his primary responsibility is the oversight of company operations.

Efficient operations has been a main focus for Firoz since starting his professional career, and technology is the catalyst for his intrigue in efficiency.  Firoz learned basic programing at an early age, and was immediately fascinated with what people were able to accomplish with these skills. The intricacies, methods, operations, and efficiency at which technology works is a science that continue to interest Firoz. Improving methods on a technical level and increasing one’s presence and capabilities has been a passion of his throughout his life. This blog is devoted to new technology and the technology start-ups that are revolutionizing the way humans live and interact with each other.

Firoz Patel was raised in a household that held high standards for entrepreneurship. He was born in India, but moved with his family to Canada when he was young. He began his first business endeavor when he just was 17 years old, opening a novelty store in Canada.

Firoz attended Champlain College majoring in business administration and marketing while undertaking finance technology as a hobby. As a problem solver, Firoz was always looking to use the latest technology to help solve persisting problems. As technology became more and more ingrained in everyday society, Firoz endeavored to be at the forefront of innovation, vowing to keep up with advances.

After college, Firoz Patel joined OnX Enterprise Solutions as a strategic and technical consultant. He helped small tech companies implement efficient solutions to enhance their sales strategy. He also developed best practices on the finance side of the business, forging the path for what was to come next in his own career.

In 2004, Firoz founded AlertPay and quickly grew his tech finance company to world standards in the e-wallet and third party payment industry. AlertPay was a recognized online payment leader, and Firoz oversaw all operations of the company, offering a unique set of finance, marketing and technology skills.

Today, Firoz Patel is Payza’s Executive Vice President responsible for developing and maintaining the company’s strategic relationship portfolio. He is a leader in the company’s economic growth, expanding product reach and profit revenues. He is also the company’s primary liaison between executive teams, stakeholders, and the board of directors. Any operational shifts and or evolutions in company culture are under his radar. The company’s ability to grow is directly proportional to how quickly it can adapt to and develop new technology, and Firoz plays a vital role in setting Payza’s course with a keen eye on innovation and efficiency.